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The Holy Family Orphanage located in Nazigo (Kayunga District), Southern Uganda, was conceived and initiated by Sister Caritas Barajingitwa of the Little Sisters of St. Francis. Begun in 2001, and officially opened in early 2003, the orphanage is served by the Little Sisters, and is presently providing a loving home, as well as educational opportunities for thirty children. This small population represents a continent of orphans. The people of Africa are facing the terrible tragedy of an AIDS epidemic. As a result almost half of Uganda's 1.7 million orphans aged 14 and below have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS. Many remain on Holy Family's waiting list. They will be accepted as soon as growth, development, and expansion of the orphanage provide.

Sister Caritas spent seven years as pastoral Minister for St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Binghamton, New York. While at St. Mary's she worked to create the Holy Family Orphanage. The untold misery of these poor children was ever in her sight, having witnessed their situation for twenty years. She has always felt powerless because she could not offer them the help they needed. ` needed to grow surrounded by loving care that creates natural bonds and a family environment. To be able to work and study well, they needed to be healthy, strong in mind, body and spirit. They needed practical education, which would help them to appreciate life and grow into mature, self-reliant citizens.

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