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Sponsors helped provide funds to construct a Residence for the children and land for cultivation which have already provided employment opportunities to the people of Nazigo. The children have profited enormously from this project. They no longer have to travel miles and miles to go to school. They have three good meals a day. They have shoes, uniforms, comfortable beds and good water. They are far better off than most of their fellow students who are not orphans. You can see joy radiating from their eyes which used to be filled with tears.
A system of agriculture has been establised consisting of animal husbandry and plant cultivation. Animal husbandry consists of pigs, goats, and a few cows. Plant cultivation consists of bananas, corn, casava, eggplant, oranges, pawpaw (papya) and beans.

Despite these achievements, there are still many problems to overcome. The immediate plans for expansion are detailed here. The supporters of the orphanage hope to help it become at least 70 percent self-sufficient in the future, but they need many more people of good will. The expansion is vital to the children and the vocational training program. As the facilities enlarge, they will be able to accommodate as many as a hundred children who will be able to grow, learn and live.


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