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The current major goals of the Holy Family Vocational Orphanage are:

  • To provide a facility functioning as a school and orphanage. We hope to offer a safe and healthy environment in which the children can thrive.
  • To develop a medical clinic ensuring the children’s continued good health.
  • To continue the establishment of a system of agriculture consisting of animal husbandry and plant cultivation. The products of this endeavor make it possible to provide three nutritious meals per day. It helps the children to acquire skills in rearing domestic animals, which can assist them in being self-reliant in the future. To achieve this, the orphanage still needs the following items and facilities for the following purposes:

    • To develop a fishing pond for food and for generating income.

    • A poultry house to accommodate 1000 chickens would enable the program to produce meat and at least 600 eggs per week to feed the children and to generate the money needed to support the orphanage. It would also provide experience in tending poultry, which the children can use in the future.

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